Delhi is one of India's largest and most developed cities. It has an established reputation in the medical tourism industry as one of the leading destinations for affordable medical care. Visitors will find inexpensive costs for nearly every kind of medical procedure performed at the highest standard.


The hospitals in New Delhi are of an international standard, and the local amenities provide a pleasant travel experience. Local doctors and nurses are familiar with treating foreign patients and all speak English. The city's northern location makes it easy to recuperate among the inspirational foothills of the Himalayas or along the beautiful western coast beaches of India.

New Delhi hospitals handle every kind of medical procedure on offer. Complicated procedures, like heart surgery and hip replacements, are done on a regular basis. The Apollo hospitals alone can carry out every kind of treatment, but there are also established Ayurvedic centres, dental and eye clinics, and centres for cosmetic surgery in New Delhi. With the huge selection of healthcare centres in the city, you can be sure of finding the treatment you need.

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