Hyderabad has always been a hub for IT and Software exports. Now the city of pearls is fast turning into a major center for Medical Tourism. The Capital city, with its sophisticated medical services and numerous noteworthy hospitals is the main go-to destination for international medical traveler.

Hyderabad has loads of people coming in from African countries like Tanzania, Somalia, Nigeria,… even the Middle East and South East Asia choose to come to Hyderabad for treatment of serious ailments like cancer, bariatric, complex heart surgeries, joint replacements, brain and spine surgery using robots, bone marrow, heart and lung transplants, gynaecology surgeries, colo-rectal surgeries, gastroenterology procedures and for prophylactic checks.

As Hyderabad hospitals have the country’s best hospitals with the most advanced equipment and with low cost treatment it is emerging as the Country’s medical Hub

The cost of getting treatment in Hyderabad is much cheaper to Thailand which is a leader in World Medical Tourism.

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