Are you planning to come for treatment in India?

Are you planning to come for treatment in India ? You are most welcome!

We are sharing with you some important points for your consideration before leaving  your country.

India offers world’s best medical treatment and affordable cost. Comparing to the western countries the quality of treatment is much better and can be done in a reasonable treatment cost. India provides best medical facilities which help patient to get a world class treatment and homely atmosphere. According to Times of India, India is placed among the top three medical tourism destinations in Asia, mainly due to its low cost of treatment, quality healthcare infrastructure and availability of highly-skilled doctors.
In Asia, India is the leading country which provides best quality treatment with low cost of treatment. Major surgeries require highly skilled and experienced surgeons which are available in India. The Overall healthcare facility from the arrival of the patient in India to departure is taken with a proper care and concern.

Consider following points before leaving to your country for the Treatment in India .


Choose your Destination in India.  Delhi, Mumbai,  Chennai, Hyderabad are the best destination for the Medical Treatment in India.

Choose Hospital Aggregations :  Aggregations decides the standardisation of the hospital . always choose either JCI Aggregated hospital of NABH Aggregated Hospitals in India.  Services in this  aggregated hospitals are at International Level and they follow all standard form for the treatment and services.

Get proper Quotation for the treatment:  We always recommend our clients to take quotation from 3-5 Medical Tourism Agencies  in India or hospitals for the treatment cost.  Always compare the cost and extra facilities offered by hospitals like Airport Pickup and drop. Wifi, personal manager, Indian Sim card,  accommodation etc.  And ask your service provider what is included and what is not included  in your surgery package. At the end of finalization ask your service provider about hidden charges in the bill.

Mostly following charges are not included in the hospitals/ agencies packages for the treatment.

  • VISA Fees
  • Airlines Ticket
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Food for Attainder (some hospital include food for attainder )
  • After Discharge, Medicines Doctors consultation, Dressing, Travelling exp.
  • VISA Extension and any fair paid to airlines
  • Any treatment not relevant to your current treatment.
  • Sim Card Recharge

Medical VISA: If you are planning to come to India for Medical Treatment then you should apply for Medical VISA, your Medical Tourism Agency or the hospital will issue an Invitation letter and on the basis of Invitation letter you can apply for Medical visa.

Note: Hospitals in India don’t admit International patients if they are not on Medical VISA.

Embassy Interview for VISA: After getting the Invitation letter patients has to fill the online form to obtain VISA and after submitting the form you will get the appointment date with the documents required check list. So be properly prepared for the interview. Come with all documents and along with Attainder,  Because if you fail in first interview then second appointment will be very long.

Always come with Attainder: if you are a patient then always come to India for treatment with attainder. There are many consents need to be sign by Attainder before start of the treatment or taking patients inside the operation theatre. It’s always better to come with attainder.

Many embassies don’t accept friends or non-blood relatives as Attainder. So always choose your blood family member like Brother, sister , Father , Mother as Attainder.

Food: Indian Hospitals during patient hospitalization always serves Indian food and Vegetable food. ( Non veg food is commonly avoided by hospital because they are not good for patients ).

In hotels you will get various types of food depend on standard of the Hotel.  If you are looking for your own food like Nigerian food in India then YES, it will be available but it will be costly.

Hospital and Hotels don’t allow to cook you own food inside your premises. so plan accordingly.

Ask Climate: Ask your Healthcare service provider about the current climate in India and bring your cloths accordingly.

Tickets:   Keep in mind you are coming to India for Medical treatment , so your return ticket date might change . So always keep in mind before purchasing ticket, ask airlines about the charges for ticket change fees and choose the best one.

Don’t carry too much cash: As on Medical Visa you are allowed to bring double of amount then your hospital estimate but it is better if you can transfer hospital bill to hospitals bank account in advance. Sometime Airlines trouble passenger for handling cash and asking various documents and proof.

We will also advise you to bring your credit cards and instruct your bank that you are caring this card to India to avoid unnecessary ban. Keep all documents ready at Immigrations at Airport to avoid delay.  Passport, VISA, Invitation Letter, Passport Size Photographs,

Change your money at Airport: Change small money at Airport because Dollar or other internationally money is not frequently used in India.

Complete your Registration on Arrival: Hospitals make arrangements for your pick up from Airport. From Airport Hospital will either admit you in hospital or will keep 1-2 days in hotel to complete all Investigations Medical Check-ups and Registrations work. FRRO registration is necessary if patients is from Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh and few other countries. After Registration Government of India gives patient and Attainder residential permits. Tips, latest developments in medical science etc. It will provide a platform to the people to get information and at the same time to share their views as well.

Choose Best Hotel accommodation: After the treatment (4-5 day hospital) , you will be shifted to hospital near for OPD follow ups and recovery.

Always choose hotel near by your hospital so that in emergency either you can go to hospital or Hospital Staff can come to your hotels. Nearby hotels will also help to save your travelling cost.

Shopping:  India is good option for shopping but do shopping considering your luggage limit with your Airlines.

Many times it happens that people go for shopping but forget to note down their hotel address. Always inform hotel, hospital one point contact person about your any activity. If you are going out, in emergency they will help you. Take your know persons help to book the cab.

About your Departure :  Take down all you documents , certificates, your passport and visa from hospital, your registration and fit to fly certificate. For medical visa immigration takes up to 2 hours , so always reach to Airport at least 4 hours in advance.  Leave you hotel in advance because in India you may be delayed because of traffic.

Note down important contacts :   Note down all Important peoples name and phone number who are in touch with you during your stay in India , they may be doctors, hospital medical and Para medical staffs, Hotels staff any one, they may be helpful once you reach to your country and looking for further follow up for anything.  Doctors , International Marketing Manager this both will help for further follow up of your patient, you can send your report to them after 6 month for the progress.

Hopland Medical Tourism is leading in excellence, innovation, reliability and ethics in all aspects of medical treatments. Our association with leading  healthcare group enables us to arrange specialized treatments by the best of doctors and comfortable stays according to your budgetary and time constraints. People are coming to us for getting affordable and effective treatment package, more than 3000 patients from Nigeria have been privileged to get treatment from us since 2009.

We help patients in choosing best hospital , best doctors , best treatment at affordable cost.

Admission at right time and next day surgery and discharge at right time, avoiding unnecessary stay, test, charges and duplication of services. Huge saving on cost, varied cost in India different doctor different cost different city. Because of proper planning, patients save 15-20 percent of cost on bill.

Hopeland Medical Tourism don’t charge any commission from the patient. All our services are free to our patient.

Area of Specialisation

# Cancer Surgery & Chemo Therapy                  # Heart Surgery

# Kidney Surgery                                                   # Organ Transplant

# Joint Replacement Surgery                            # Spine and Brain Surgery

# Obesity Surgery                                                # Plastic Surgery

# Cosmetic Surgery                                            # Laparoscopy and General Surgery

# Urology                                                             #IVF and fertility Treatment

#Steam cell Therapy                                         # Neuro Rehabilitation  

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