Hopeland Medical Tourism was found by Mr. Kaushal Pandey in 2009  to  help patients to choose best Treatments by best Doctors in best Hospital at affordable cost in India.

India has been always a top destination for tourism and now it is a hot destination for Medical & Surgical care due to presence of best hospitals and expert surgeons, cost effectiveness being another main reason.  Hopeland Medical Tourism is India’s premier and most trusted Medical Tourism Service Provider and Facilitator for patients coming from various countries like African subcontinent currently.  Now we had extended our services to CIS countries like Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Moldova, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkmenistan with remote medical assistance to countries including but not limited Ukraine and Russia too.  HopeLand Medical Tourism is founded by Mr. Kaushal Pandey to facilitate easier, accurate and cost-effective medical-surgical treatment for foreign patients coming to India seeking best treatment options.


HopeLand believes in compassion, surgical accuracy, excellence, modern medical technology, reliability, and ethics in all aspects of medical-surgical treatments and  within budget of our patients. . Our association with leading hospitals and healthcare groups in India enables us to arrange specialized treatments by the best of surgeons and doctors.  We also facilitate and arrange comfortable accommodation/ staying facility based on your budget and time constraints.  Patients and their attendants choose us and they are coming to us for affordable and effective treatment package.  More than 3000 patients from Nigeria have been privileged to get medical and surgical treatment with our support since 2009.



  Comprehensive Package:

We promote patient friendly environment by advising and coordinating your travel, arrival, admission to hospital at right time, quick medical decision making, immediate scheduling of surgery the very next day, post-surgical care and discharge at right time to avoid prolonged and unnecessary stay, diagnostics tests, extra fees, and duplication of services.  We help you save huge costs by providing various packages to choose from and you have options due varied treatment cost in India due to availability of large number of hospitals, many qualified and talented surgeons, and difference in treatment cost at various cities.  There are no hidden costs since we make it more easy, reliable and transparent as all our packages are pre-planned as well as custom-made to fit the budget of various patients from different economic backgrounds. So our patients save almost 15% - 20% on hospital bill because of pre and well planned treatment.

• No Commission from Patients - Patients saves  almost 30% on hospital bills:
Due to our expert counselling, on-time support and proper planning, patients save 15-20% on their medical bills and stay.  Hope Land Medical Tourism does not charge any commission from patients. Our services to the patient are free and complimentary.   So if we consider any agency’s commission as 10% then patients saves almost 30% on total hospitals bill since do not take any fee .

• End to End Service- All under one roof:
Hope land Medical Tourism India doesn’t bill or charge any extra commission from the patient.  All our services to the patient are inclusive and part of the package and additional services are complimentary if any.   Our team receives the patient and their attendants from the airport and then we coordinate your entire trip, including counselling, FOREX, hotel stay, hospital admission, medical-surgical treatment, discharge and airport drop.  


• One -stop solution for all medical travel related requirements
• Pre-surgery counseling by surgeons/medical doctors and email correspondence.
• Pre-surgery treatment planning and full information disbursal via mail and phone/ skype
• One-point contact person and assistance/guidance to choose best hospital
• Airport pick-up and drop
• FRO Registration
• Guest room for post-operative patients for their comfortable stay with Wifi-hotspot facility
• Assistance and coordination in Hotel Bookings, local travel, sightseeing, Foreign Currency Exchange, Visa • Extension, Airline itinerary/ date change etc.
• Help in Mumbai sight-seeing and shopping.
• Preferential  scheduling of appointments for surgical & medical procedures
• Stay for attendants/ accompanying family members
• Supreme Success Rates at par with international standards at accredited hospitals
• Post treatment follow-up via email and phone calls
• Free of cost Medical Camps in your country with support from Satellite Medical Centre.

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