With people from across the country and abroad preferring to get treated in city hospitals, Chennai is increasingly becoming a hub of medical tourism.

Nigeria, Kenya, Burundi, Congo, Bangladesh, Oman and Iraq are some of the countries from which patients fly down to Chennai for medical attention around this time of the year. Besides treatment, patients on the road to recovery and caretakers also get to go on sightseeing tours.

Most leading hospitals, which receive a steady stream of patients from other States and abroad every day,

Advantages for Medical Treatment in Chennai  include : International Standard Hospitals, Departmental experts to take care of everything this required, reduced costs, availability of latest Technologies, Specially qualified Medical Practitioners, Emergency treatment or treatment at short notice, availability of Linguistic interpreters to make it more comfortable for patients puts the State of Chennai on top of this segment's list. This has recently spurred a new wave of medical tourism. As consumers are becoming aware of the high quality of these procedures in Chennai  and India , insurance corporations have started offering medical cover in a multi dimensional format , hence the flow of medical tourists have increased in chennai.

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