Benefits Of Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement Surgery









Hopeland Medical Tourism in Association with Dr. Bakul Arora Offers Economical Package for Knee Replacement Surgery for those patients who can not afford the Surgery cost. Our Aim is to Provide Health Facility at affordable cost without compromising with the service or with the Standard.

Dr. Bakul Arora, one of the leading Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement Surgeon in Thane, does the surgery through the method called Painless Knee Replacement Surgery also known as‘Minimally Invasive Surgery’ technique where the muscles around the joints are NOT CUT. This approach doesn’t incite the inflammation as much as the conventional technique. Hence the surgery is painless, recovery is quick and most patients begin walking within 3 to 6 hours after surgery, moreover, they can also start climbing stairs on the next day of the operation itself.

Package Includes

* 3 Day Hospital Stay in General Ward
* Surgeon , Assistant , Anesthetist , OT ,
* Knee Implant
* Post Op Investigation
* Physiotherapy During Hospital Stay
* Doctor’s Visit

Package Excludes

* Medicine Charges
* Pre-Op Investigation
* Medicine and Consumables
* Any other Doctor’s Visit apart from said diseases
* Any treatment irrelevant to Knee Surgery
* Treatment charges if any Emergency Medical Condition Demands

Other Terms and Conditions:

* Consultation Fees will be Rs. 300 Only
* Offer valid for fist 20 patients only
* This offer will not be combined with any other offers
* This offer is valid only for direct paying patients , not for cashless / Mediclaim patients
* Patients has to do knee x ray and then come to avoid waiting
* Hospital / Doctors has right to not accept the case
* All right Reserved @Arora Clinic
* Consultation with prior appointment only
* Offer Valid till 31st August

Quick and Hassle free

Quick and Hassle free


Gold knee is one of the best implants available today and the most successful too. It not only increases the life of the implant but also prevents any allergic reactions in patient.

Regular knee implants made of chromium cobalt alloy tend to release metal ions in the body. In patients who have metal allergy, these metal ions can cause inflammation in the knee area and eventually cause complications like infection, loosening and persistent knee pain.

Golden Knee implants do not induce allergic reaction with human tissue. Its wear and tear is very low. Hence a Golden Knee replacement Surgery is generally suggested for such patients. Due to its improved longevity of up to 40 years*, this implant is preferred for knee replacements in patients younger than 60 years.

Benefits of Golden Knee Replacement:

Allergy proof

⇒ Improve longevity of up to 40 years

⇒ Improved durability of implant

⇒ Better biocompatibility

⇒ Better surgical results

What Patient Say About US?

Patient Testimonial

After six years of pain,not being able to do the things I love, like playing with my grandson. With the help of Hopeland Medical Tourism, on the second day of surgery I was climbing stairs and was discharged on third day.
Mrs. Vinodini Jagtap
My knees pain had got to a point where it was disturbing my daily activities and sometimes also sleep. I was home bound when all my family members went out for celebrations. I spoke to few patients who had been operated earlier under Hopeland Medical Tourism and they encouraged me to trust them. I underwent the surgery with a positive mind. Now I walk daily 1.5 km with no pain.
Mrs. Kamlaben Thakkar
My uncle Mr. Chief Okekenmaduka aged 67 was admitted in May 2013 and was operated for Right Hip replacement Surgery. Hopeland Medical Tourism has organised a hassle free plan for my uncles treatment, we stayed around for 4 weeks in India but those days were memorable days of our life. Hopeland Medical Tourism has given us such a family like ambiance that we hardly knew when he got admitted, when investigation done , when treatment started, when surgery done, and when he got discharged .....This is possible only because of pre and well planned arrangements by “Hopeland Medical Tourism Nigeria-India”.
Mr. Chief UchechukwuNkemka
Hello. My name is Mr.Moses Gaawa, my right eye got damaged in an accident , doctor diagnosed that my right eye Retina damaged and if I do not do the Retina surgery immediately in few month I will be fully blind.I knew about Hopeland Medical Tourism and Mr. Pandey personally, He called me in India and gave me best doctor available in India. The rate of the surgery is very low as I contacted many hospital before. Now I am going to India every year with my family for health check.
Mrs. Moses Gaawa